Benefits of Mother & Baby Massage

Pregnancy Massage and Post Partum Massage

  • alleviates back, neck and shoulder pain due to skeletal shape changes
  • reduces discomfort of expanding uterus
  • reduces stress and anxiety by improving overall sense of wellbeing
  • helps maintain mother’s body sense, helping to prepare mother for childbirth
  • increases the time it takes the body return to its non-pregnant form
  • it is an hour of time for the mother and nobody else

Infant Massage

  • helps infant make transition from being inside the mother to being outside on its own
  • can have a calming affect in cases of colic
  • gives infant an overall sense of well being
  • when taught to parents, gives them another tool to use with their child, one that the child is likely to respond to really well
  • can increase development of infant’s with the nerve stimulation of touch, especially with premature infants
  • it’s just really fun to do